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Work, Culture And Values At Lalaji24x7

We consider people as one of the biggest assets, hence our team provoke each other to grow together. There are some basic ingredients for a healthy work culture and Lalaji24x7 put endless efforts to cover them all. We focus on TeamWork, Mutual Support and Positivity to create an ecosystem of explicit synergy.



A team working together compensates for the weaknesses of individual team members.Hence, the power of teamwork is more than individuals working in isolation. Each member is responsible for the team’s success and failure.

Mutual Support

We truly believe in the power of “we” and understand that it takes “we” to win.Supporting each other and placing the larger team benefit above individual benefits is our core value. “I” wins only when “we” wins.


There is no worse vice than negativity. It kills enthusiasm and passion and destroys the foundation of an organization. It spoils the hard work and fogs the vision with doubt. We like to keep ourselves surrounded with positive people and positive ideas.

Our People-Our Assets

It’s people who make and run an entity. No amount of automation can completely replace the importance of people. We take our employees seriously and treat them as our biggest and most valuable assets.

Passion and Commitment

Passion and commitment are the driving forces behind any success story. Half-hearted efforts yield only half results. We are passionate and completely committed to our dream and want you to feel the same.

Work Hard, Party Harder

We are fuelled by the zeal and enthusiasm of working hard to succeed. But, we never ignore the enjoyment of our people and give them all time to party hard.

Perks and benefits

Our people are the reason for our success. And we do not fail to give it back to them.Our perks and benefits for employees are one of the best thing in our business. And we continuously strive to add more to it.


Work your way

We are a growing organization and we want you to grow with us. We would like you to see at the many leadership positions being created in the company. Work your way up in the career graph with us.

Professional Development

Updating your skill set is the need of the hour. As you progress and take additional responsibilities, we help you acquire the desired skill set. Training programs, seminars and workshops will help you prepare for your next challenge. Your professional development is our priority too.

Earn Name And Fame

With us, you have your chance to name and fame. Frequent contests and competitions for employees give you an opportunity to grab your chance to be famous. Participate to learn new skills, have some fun while you do so and also become our celebrity.

Ecosystem Of Positive Synergy

Optimism and positive synergy facilitate teamwork, collaboration, mutual support and commitment. We strive to create an ecosystem that is based on mutual trust and synergy. Our work culture reflects our commitment towards our people.

Transparent HR Policies And Pay Structure

Our HR policies are fair, transparent and extremely employee friendly. We are open about pay structures and promotion policies also. Though these policies are formulated carefully, we keep improving them continuously to accommodate changes in workplace and external environment. We are more than willing to discuss and answer any doubts or questions you might have about any of the company policies.

Time Off

We have a choice of leaves for you to choose your time off from work. Vacation,sickness, social commitment or just a day to yourself- select a valid reason and take a time off. We make sure that our people are fully charged at all times to take on any challenge that comes our way. Work-life balance is not only on papers here.

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