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10 Reasons Why You Should Add Makhana (Fox Seeds) To Your Daily Diet Diary!

We, as human beings are protected by Mother Nature’s innumerable blessings. From the aesthetic beauty of celestial bodies to the life supporting elements, everything we receive from nature is our sources of living. Do you know that we receive gifts from even the smallest creatures of Nature like Fox Seeds (Makhana)? Makhana provides us with a lot of benefits that we did not even know about those advantages properly. But do not worry since this article will help you to increase your knowledge about the health benefits from Makhana.

Popular as fasting food, consuming Makhana is also a key to the healthy lifestyle. Filled with nutrients like Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Iron, and Zinc, Makhana possesses a treasure full of healthy gems. The benefits of Makhana are also superior to dry fruits like almonds and walnuts. Due to its prime contents and squishy texture, roasted Makhana is all that you would like to have and enjoy in this season.

Although Makhana provides innumerable healthy lifestyle benefits, below are the most important 10 Health Benefits of Makhana that you should definitely know!

1. Can’t Sleep At Nights? Problem Solved!

Makhana is considered as one of the best remedies to cure Insomnia. Leave all the sleeping pills behind and start snacking up roasted Makhana to get some good sleep. Sleeping pills can also be harmful to your health whereas Makhana is completely natural and it does not have any side effects.

2. Make Your Bones Strong and Powerful.

It is very important to have enough amount of calcium in the body for stronger and powerful bones. Don’t like milk? No worries as you can just chomp up some Makhana in the morning. Makhana contains a high amount of Calcium without any artificial supplements.

3. Keep Calm And Fight Hypertension With Makhana!

If you have issues like high blood pressure, anxiety, and hypertension then Makhana can become your best friend. Makhana contains high Potassium and low Sodium along with some calming properties that are good to control hypertension. Eating Makhana on regular basis can regulate blood pressure as it contains a lower amount of Sodium.

4. You Got The Power!

Can’t find another way to enhance your sexual life? Do not worry a bit because Makhana can back by increasing sperm quantity in men while increasing the fertility rate in women.

5. Happy Stomach Happy You.

Eating Makhana is recommended to those who suffer from constipation. Makhana can cure the digestion problem as it contains Fibre that helps in increasing the body metabolism.

6. Take The Toxins Out Of Your Body!

Makhana is suitable partner for your kidneys. It is because they help kidneys to filter down all the toxic substitutes from your body.

7. Makhana: Source Of Antioxidants And Kaempferol.

Leave all the chemicals and artificial makeup to make your skin look fairer. Now you can do this just by adding some Makhana in your daily diet. It contains antioxidant that protects skin from tanning and ageing. Research has proved that antioxidants also work better than sunscreen. Makhana also contains Kaempferol that is well known as anti-aging property. By consuming Makhana, you can become beautiful naturally without even spending your all money on expensive cosmetics.

8. Helpful For All The Moms To Be.

The existence of high nutrients in Makhana is essential for a pregnant woman. Those nutrients help pregnant women to fight high risks of gestational diabetes, hypertension. The presence of high Calcium in Makhana is also beneficial for the fetal development.

9. Planning To Lose Some Weight? Then Makhana Should Be Your Favorite Diet Food.

Makhana has an ability to deceive your body hunger and making you feel heavy due to the presence of rich Fibre. Makhana is low in fat and high in Fibre that will make you feel full even if you do not eat much. The Fibre in Makhana also backs your diet program by increasing the metabolism of your body.

10. Makhana As An Anti-Inflammatory Agent.

Makhana contains the high amount of flavonoids, which is a chemical that helps in reducing the risk of inflammation. Makhana can protect your body by preventing inflammation along with pain and redness.

You can just soak them overnight and add Makhana in salads for your healthy breakfast. Makhana can be eaten in a lightly toasted way with a little bit of ghee and salt and pepper seasoning. Many Ayurveda and Unani Medicine practitioners consider Makhana as a boon for reproductive health because Makhana helps in improving appetite, fighting diarrhoea, keeping insomnia at bay, preventing arthritis, and are also said to be antiviral.

What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Add a bowl full of Makhana in your diet today and take your first step towards a healthy life.


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