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Shaving Kit for Men

Men can be separated into two categories: First, there are the ones who let it loose and take pride and glamorizing their long whiskers, and then there are men who take time out of their daily routine to keep their face clean and free from facial hair. For what it seems, the later enjoy some perks they might not even know about. Actually it is highly advisable to shave because facial hair can often be unhygienic and can often give you the unwanted sloppy look. While a clean shaven look is always appreciated and it often suits all men. Even in military and navy, it is mandatory to have a clean shave look because it gives them uniformity and make them look more reliable and responsible.

One might not know, but there are many benefits of a clean shaven look for men, such as, if you are looking for a job, a man with a clean shave look generally gets easier time getting hired. Second, a recent study published in behavioural ecology suggests that most women find clean shaven men more attractive than their bearded counterparts. Third, since the sound of appearing aged never appeals to anyone, most men opt for a clean shave look because; according to researches a beard can make a man look ten years older. So when you are shaving, you are actually shaving ten years off your age. Fourth, when you shave, you are not only shaving off your facial hair, but you are also exfoliating your skin and removing dead skin cells, which promotes healthier skin growth. Fifth, according to studies done on cleanliness, the results suggest that a bearded man has more bacteria on his face and that beards are also responsible for spreading them.

Moreover, shaving also helps in skin protection because the shaving creams/foams and razors are sprinkled with anti-bacterial agents which later combines with an antiseptic formula of aftershave and keeps our skin free from fungal and bacterial infections.

Get Online Shaving Kit for Men

For a perfect gentleman, it is an absolute necessity to take time out of his busy schedule and shave daily. But, to get that perfect shave day after day, a man must have an equally reliable shaving kit. Shaving creams are also available in the form of shaving gel and shaving foam, they all have antibacterial qualities which make your face not just clean from facial hair but also from harmful bacteria and germs. There are also shaving gels designed especially for sensitive skins. Razors are also of different types, categorised on the basis of number of blades and designs. Even Razors are sprinkled with antibacterial agents to give you all round protection. Aftershaves are also as important as shaving cream and razor, they have antiseptic qualities that protect your skin and also have healing qualities for minor cuts.

For perfect grooming it is essential to have a complete shaving kit. Hence we have brought to you a wide range of Razors, shaving gels, shaving creams, shaving foams and aftershaves to give you a complete look. You can place your order online by just logging in with your subscriber ID and password, choose your ideal shaving kit and add it to your cart. If you are still not a part of us, you can sign up for free to get your subscriber ID and password. You can also place your order via WhatsApp, you can just ping us on our WhatsApp number and tell us your order and preferences. We will work accordingly and deliver you your desired order right on time, right at your doorsteps.