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Deo's & Perfumes

Perfumes and Deodorants – Smell Fresh Always

It is a well-known fact that human body generates smell. And, this process is as ancient as the evolution of humans. This smell is caused by the presence of some microorganisms like bacteria in the sweat. No matter what causes the sweat and smell, no one likes the bad smell emitting from bodies. In fact, a bad odour is considered a bad manner, even though people are wearing costly outfit. Therefore, people always strive to get rid of this bad odour and try different ways to keep smelling fresh always.

Fragrances to beat the odour

There are perfumes and deodorants to help people control body odour all day long. People use many costly, branded deodorants and perfumes to alter the activities of smell causing bacteria and beat the bad odour. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, people now prefer to buy deodorant online.

Branded deodorants

Deodorants are applied directly onto the body to get rid of the body odour due to bacterial growth. Body odour is also developed due to excessive sweat and consumption of spices. Deodorants also play an important role in removing the smell caused by bacterial growth as well as breakdown of perspiration in armpits, feet and other parts of body.

Deodorants are special sprays which aromatises a person when sprayed directly on the body. The intensity of the aroma depends on the fraction of fragrant oil used, which is very less in deodorants. A deodorant usually contains around 10 to 15% solution of fragrance oil and mild alcohol. However, it works extremely well against the smell causing perspiration. Typically, a deodorant works more like antiperspirant and is developed aiming the armpit region, which is the worst smelling part of the body. But, a deodorant can be used on other body parts as well.  


Perfumes are fragrances which contain high amount of fragrance, around 20 to 25% fragrance oil in concentrated alcohol. Perfumes are used basically on clothes and provide complete aroma to the body.

Buy branded perfumes and deodorants online

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