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Detergent & Cleaner

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One of the most important places in the house that demands most attentiveness of hygiene and cleanliness by you would undoubtedly be the toilets and bathrooms of the house. If not kept clean on a daily basis, these places become homes to various germs and insects, hence spreading infections and diseases. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to disinfect your toilets and bathrooms so as to keep your entire house clean and infection-free. Moreover, cleanliness is also conveyed through the utensils you wash or clothes you clean. All these basic cleaning actions are very important for overall hygiene and sanitation of the house and your own self. Therefore, you need only the best product range of detergents and cleaners to keep the germs at bay and stay clean from each and every aspect.

Online Detergents and Cleaner Store

We are now just a click away from you in your first step to enhance your sanitation and upgrade your cleanliness tools. Our online store is available for you with the recent products showcasing their newest technologies along with the complete details regarding their manufacturing, expiry, the product reviews with their photographs and price. We have in our store cleaners for various purposes. Clean the floor or clean the tiles; mop the ground or wash the clothes, we have a large collection of various detergents, cleaners, mops etc. We provide various offers and discounts, especially to our regular customers. We have incorporated the products of the best and leading companies in India. You are free to compare our product service with those of others and notice the difference for yourself. 


Having a customer oriented team of employees; we are organized in the best way possible with the help of our employees. Our main agenda is to provide the customers with the utmost satisfaction in whatever product they chose from our long lists. We have established this branch of cleaners and detergents in our business to help the common man gain utmost healthy surrounding with the best options available. All the products are made available to us in their most recent advancements and we therefore deliver them to our customers without fail. We have various provisions for our customers. They can pay via online transaction mode or even opt for ‘cash on delivery’ mode. Other customer caring notions include:

•  Free shipping
•  Fast delivery
•  Good customer service
•  Verification of product before delivering
•  Easy return policy
•  Waterproof packaging
•  Customer driven system
•  Exciting offers and discounts

Online Detergents and Cleaners

Our repute in this business area has always been of world class choice offers and best branded companies. Our marketing is solely focused on improving the cleanliness standard in the houses by providing them with the means to do so. Our products are worth your time and use. Some of the reasons for this being true include:

•  Disinfectant
•  Pleasant smelling
•  Counteracts germs and dust
•  Keep surroundings clean and spotless
•  Healthy space, healthy body
•  Long shelf life
•  Huge number of varieties to choose from