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Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice

Among all the known varieties of rice, basmati is above and beyond all. This is a unique species of rice identified with its elongated structure and pleasant aroma. No other varieties of rice are ever known to have this unique combination. It is traditionally from India, and the country accounts for around 65% of overseas Basmati rice market.  


Like all other rice varieties, basmati is also available in white and brown versions, depending on the milling process. In case of rice, milling and polishing are two processes that take place before packing. Rice has an outermost layer, called hull, which is removed to make brown rice. It is the variety with the whole kernel intact, and kernel surrounded by the layers of bran.  

Brown basmati rice is compared to other types of brown rice in terms of its nutrient content. However, brown basmati contains 20% more fibre than other varieties.

White rice, on the other hand, is obtained by milling off the bran layer of the rice. This is an abrasive grinding process during which most of the rice germ is also removed. At this stage, it is called milled, unpolished, white rice. Next stage is polishing in which a wire brush machine is used to remove aleurone layer of rice.  

The fulfilling aroma of basmati

Basmati has its own characteristic aroma that distinguishes it from other rice varieties. This aroma is due to the presence of a chemical, 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline, which is present in basmati rice at 90 parts per billion, which is about twelve times more than in any other variety of rice. The presence of this compound gives a special, tempting aroma to basmati. This is also why it is the best choice for some of the specialty cuisines. And no other rice varieties can make dishes as delicious as basmati.

It is super healthy too

Many people are still unaware about the health benefits of basmati. It is gluten-free and low in fat, and contains almost all eight essential amino acids, folic acid. It is known to have low to medium glycemic index (56 to 69) as compared to other rice varieties having glycemic index of 89. It means basmati is a healthy option for diabetics as compared to other grains.

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