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Flour Wheat (Atta)

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Adopt a Healthy Food Habit

Your health depends on what you eat. Therefore, your diet should always include healthy, nutritious food. One of the important constituents of your daily diet is wheat flour. With several brands being available in the market, you may feel lost in the pool of options. Herein, you have to make a wise decision by selecting only genuine brands, offering high-quality flour.

Wheat vs. Whole Wheat

First of all, you have to understand the difference between wheat and whole wheat flour. A cereal grain, like wheat, contains bran, germ and endosperm – all three together make whole grain. Refined grains, on the other hand, are those that retain only endosperm after processing. Whole grains are valued more for being a rich source of fibre and vitamin B12. Fibre is an important constituent of food that is important to keep you feeling fuller for longer, which also helps in keeping the blood sugar and insulin levels to moderate. Therefore, grains make an important constituent of your food, without which you may tend to eat more and gain more fat.

Flour made out of whole wheat is a lot healthier than regular white flour. This is because whole wheat flour is a complex carbohydrate, not a simple sugar. Complex carbohydrates digest slowly, thus aiding in cholesterol reduction and controlling blood sugar, which is important when you are keeping a check on your weight. Whole wheat flour, as the name suggests, incorporates all three components of wheat and provides B Vitamins, fibre, folate and other important minerals. This is why it makes a healthy choice for your entire family.

Multigrain Atta

Multigrain atta is flour made out of more than one grain. It can be obtained by grinding together healthy cereals like oats, wheat, cornmeal and barley. However, the flour may not necessarily use whole grains as the product contains multiple grains. In many cases, grains are refined or processed to increase the shelf life of the product, costing its nutritional value.

Choose Branded Products

If you want to eat a nutritious diet, always buy branded wheat flour, made of whole wheat or whole grains. At LaLaJi24x7, you can find several trusted brands under one umbrella and make a smart purchase decision without any conflicts. All products are tested on various standards to ensure their high-quality. With your purchase at LaLaJi24x7, you also enjoy additional benefits like huge discounts and faster delivery along with 24x7 customer support.