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Sofy Sanitary Pads

SOFY Sanitary pads have been launched in India by Unicharm, a renowned Japanese company that also makes Mamy Poko Pants under its Baby Care range. SOFY Sanitary Napkins fall under Female Care products by Unicharm.

The sanitary pads are super awesome, in not just quality, but also in price. The brand has changed the scene in India by providing women with high-quality sanitary pads at a very competitive price. The launch of this range actually brought a change in the lives of women by providing an economical option for care and hygiene during periods.

SOFY sanitary pads have different variants, each with specific properties and characteristics, but with the same motto to provide great comfort to women during menstruations. They make special pads for the day and night usage.

SOFY Bodyfit Overnight is specially designed for night time. Its length has been a little elongated and hip guard a little more widened to prevent leakage and provide complete protection until morning. Means, even during heavy menstruation, women can sleep peacefully in any position.

SOFY Side Walls dry extra-large range is to keep women active all through the day, without any tension of leakage or spotting. These pads have got cottony paper wrap that can be used to cover and dispose used napkins.

Napkins have got plastic top cover, which is extremely comfortable and do not cause itchiness. It has got high absorption capacity, hence effective in heavy flow. Problems like back leak or staining are felt nowhere with this extra-large dry range. It is good for day long use, without the need to change.

SOFY claims to provide its Body Fit napkins with double absorbent core, which means the capsule like centre portion is thicker than the rest of the pad. It has been designed this way to ensure high absorption. This raised middle part of the napkin also fits the female body in a better way to ensure better protection from leakage. The name Body Fit has been derived from this design only.

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