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The 3M Scotch-Brite is a general purpose cleaning hand pad with various uses. It is most useful in households for washing daily cooking vessels and containers. Its non-woven nylon and polyester fiber pads feature a first grade aluminium oxide for abrasion, which eases the scrubbing strength. This makes it an ideal cleanser for tiles, taps and steel sinks. It is used for hand finishing of woods, composites and metals. It boasts an excellent starting point to clean, grain and finish with. Right from window blemishes to liquid stains, it can be your best friend. A Scotch Brite product comes handy not only in cleaning your household items, but even in maintaining your vehicles and machines.

A Scotch-Brite product makes it easy for you to clean faster and produce a more consistent scratch free surface, reducing the time it takes to scuff, prep or finish parts. It is ideal for prepping up surfaces for paint and primer, any general scuffing as well as hand blending. It definitely will get the job done faster!  Most Scotch products come with highly versatile cleaning tool features and options like an extended reach, ability to withstand high temperatures and they also come with multiple pad options.

Now Scotch makes it even easier for you to choose the best option for your application from any aesthetic finishing to welding, blending, de-burring and more! Although Scotch Brite is used mainly by hand, it can be put to work with a hand pad block or even on an in-line sander with adequate grip. So get rid of all marble stains, tile stains, oven dirt and any dirty spot with your own Scotch Brite today!



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You could also purchase combos to get a mix of different types of Scotch Brite multipurpose cleaners. Each of these products would have slashed rates and discounts for you to enjoy. To own, you can either place your order right here or just ping us through WhatsApp and let us know your preference, which proves easiest! You also have the liberty to fix an appropriate time to take the delivery of your arriving package.

So get your best cleaners right here to make everything at home sparkle. Invest in any product of Scotch Brite to experience easy and smooth scrubbing to remove all stains. Happy cleaning!