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Mamy Poko

Mamy Poko Pants

The wellbeing of their kids has been always the prime priority for any responsible parent. Welcoming a little bundle of joy in your house is truly a celebration, but with it also comes great responsibility. New parents spend a lot of time in changing baby diapers, and baby can use almost 10 diapers a day, but to make parenting a little easier Mamy Poko has brought to you Mamy Poko Pants. Mamy Poko Pants are the highly absorbent pant sized diapers for kids, which saves parent’s time and effort of change baby’s diapers ten times a day. It is pant sized and it slides in easily to give a comfortable fit to your kid and at the same time it saves you from the complexities of changing a diaper.

Mamy Poko supports parents and tries to ease the burden of child-rearing tasks and enhance the joy of child-raising. Mamy Poko pants have a powerful slim core which can absorb 6 glasses during the night and plus one glass for morning pee, it helps your child to sleep longer and grow faster. It gives twelve hour protection which is very advantageous at night time, any ordinary diapers get wet and it makes your child feel irritated in discomfort. Moreover Mamy Poko pants use highly breathable material which ensures proper air flow; it helps in keeping baby’s skin dry and does not make diapers all stuffy. Mamy Poko pants have no tapes and an elastic top to give proper fit and ensure natural movements for kids. Mamy Poko Pants have wrinkles on the sides which prevents leakage. Mamy Poko Pants are especially designed for baby’s sensitive skin and leaves no chance of any diaper rash. Also, to make diapers more attractive and good looking for kids, it has fun Winnie the Pooh design from the house of Disney. Mamy Poko has also introduced soft baby wipes which are ideal for baby’s soft sensitive skin.

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We know your child is special and he/she deserves nothing but the best and that is why we bring to you Mamy Poko Pants, and Mamy Poko baby wipes which gives 7 times protection, 6 times at night, plus one for the morning pee. It gives your baby 12 hour protection and ensures a long lasting sleep without disturbance. Mamy Poko pants are available in two variants that are, Standard and Extra-absorbent. The Standard gives ten hour protection and are available in sizes S, M, L and XL. Whereas, Extra-absorbent Mamy Poko Pants give twelve hour protection and are available in sizes NB (New Born), S, M/L, XL, XXL and XXXL. Also, Mamy Poko soft baby wipes are there, which are ideal for baby’s soft sensitive skin. Large Pack is much more economical as compared to the others.

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