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Lipton Tea

Tea is India’s one of the favourite beverages that is consumed by millions of people. Not only just in India, but Tea has been also known as an essential drink of countries like Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, etc. As we all know, in India, tea is made by infusing the dried and cried leaves derived from the beautiful valleys of Assam and Darjeeling into the boiling water.

Lipton Tea is a world’s leading Tea brand, which manufactures world’s finest tea. Lipton Tea has successfully made the tea universally accessible with guaranteed quality in reasonable prices. According to Lipton Tea, tea was used to be considered as an exclusive drink that was only enjoyed by the elite class. But in 1880, an entrepreneur and innovator Sir Thomas Lipton, who was born in Glasgow, intended an opportunity to make the tea available to people belonging to all classes. He purchased tea estates in Ceylon and arranged transportation to sell tea at low costs. Finally, in 1893, he launched a tea packing company called the Thomas J Lipton. Co. The company quickly gained huge success in the United States and the United Kingdom. In 1898, Queen Victoria knighted Thomas Lipton and recognized the achievements of the company. Due to the continuous efforts of Thomas Lipton, people from all around the world can now enjoy the aromatic beverage from the tea garden now at home.

Apart from indulging you to taste the wonderful aroma directly from the tea gardens, Lipton teas also have other benefits too. Lipton Tea offers the Darjeeling Tea that comes directly from the splendorous dewy mountains of Darjeeling. Darjeeling is known as the birthplace of world’s best tea that contains long leaves and are hand picked and crafted to deliver a truly unique taste. Lipton Tea has ample of antioxidants that protect your body from heart diseases and cancer. Lipton Tea also provides cardiovascular benefits and keeps you away from the risk of cardiac arrest and suppresses the growth of cancer with the help compounds that are found in the Lipton Tea. If you drink Lipton Tea continuously, you can also boost up your memory and can control blood sugar along with diabetes. Drinking Lipton Green Tea can also help you to lose weight and can also support your immune system.

Buy Lipton Tea Online

At our website, you can find varieties of Lipton Tea. With online shopping, it is now possible to read reviews before you buy your favourite type. You can thoroughly go through and read the product description. You will be amazed to see that we offer a great collection of different flavours and types of Lipton. Here you can find Lipton Darjeeling Tea, Lipton Ice Tea, Lipton Green Tea, Lipton Black and Herbal Tea, and much more. You can either buy container or dipping pouches of Lipton Tea.

We are ready to serve you all the time by giving you the best prices. You will find combo packs, containing a mix of different Lipton Tea flavours at reasonable prices. Moreover, you are also saving your time and energy by buying Lipton Tea online. We never compromise with the quality that we provide to the buyers and that’s why you always get the best result.

Now you can even order through Whatsapp and can even fix a convenient time slot to take the delivery. Fill your cart with Lipton Tea and enjoy the aromatic drink of misty Tea Gardens!