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Head and Shoulder

Head & Shoulders – live 100% dandruff free

People with dry scalp are highly prone to get dandruff that is a major cause of itchy scalp and hair fall. In fact, dandruff is a sign of overgrowth of yeast in the scalp, which start to feed on the natural oil present on the scalp making the problem worse over time. If you are fighting with dandruff, Head & Shoulders range of anti-dandruff shampoos is all you need.

Head & Shoulders fight dryness of scalp

Head & Shoulders has been formulated to fight dryness of the scalp. It has active moisturisers that continuously targets dryness, resulting in healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

Get rid of itching

Zinc is an important mineral that helps fight dandruff. With a zinc-based active, Head & Shoulders shampoos helps in controlling dandruff and itchiness, leaving your hair looking awesome. As your hair becomes flake-free, you get a scalp that is comfortable, free from irritation. Its unique formula calms irritation that in turn reduces redness of the scalp, leaving your scalp feeling great.  

Get healthy scalp and beautiful hair with Head & Shoulders

Those luscious locks would be your own now. With specially formulated Head & Shoulders, beautiful hair is not a fat-fetched dream. Head and Shoulders, under P&G, is a well-known and trusted brand for shampoos known for its innovative formulation that gives soft, shiny, silky-smooth and dandruff-free hair. Head and Shoulders offers a wide range of conditioners and shampoos for men and women, in different volumes. These include - cool menthol shampoo, smooth and silky shampoo, dry scalp care shampoo, lemon fresh shampoo, hair retain shampoo for men, anti hairfall shampoo, anti hairfall conditioner, cool blast shampoo for men, etc.

For its innovative and breakthrough technology, Head & Shoulders has created a name to reckon with. Offering quite an effective solution to get rid of dandruff, it has made its place among the leading brands in dandruff solutions. All the products are tested by dermatologists to give satisfying results with up to 100% dandruff care.  

Buy your favourite brand online

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