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Fair & Lovely

Fair & Lovely

Introduced to the Indian market in 1975, Fair & Lovely is a skin-lightening cosmetic brand of Hindustan Unilever Limited. Fair & Lovely is sold in India, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of Asia. It is also sold to other parts of the world and sold in Asian Supermarkets. 

In 1971, Unilever patented the brand Fair & Lovely in 1971, after patenting a melanin suppressor, niacinamide. This compound is Fair & Lovely Cream’s main ingredient that gives a fairer skin. Fair & Lovely is one of Hindustan Unilever’s most successful cosmetic lines in India.

Effective marks removal and a fairer skin

Skin has a pigment known as melanin that is responsible for skin colour. Greater the level of melanin, darker the complexion. There could be several factors that can influence melanin in the skin. Intrinsic factors include genetic makeup and hormone; and extrinsic factors include sun and the environment. Continuous exposure to sun, pollutants and stress can cause a rise in the melanin level.

Fair & Lovely uses this science behind the skin colour to lighten your skin. As you know that an increased level of melanin can cause darkening of your skin, reducing its level can give desired results. One of the safest skin lightening agents is Vitamin B3, which targets different skin layers and reduces the level of melanin and lightens the skin colour. Fair & Lovely cream containing Vitamin B3 along with UV filters, anti-oxidants and skin moisturisers give you a fair and glowing skin safely.

Fair & Lovely is a fairness treatment

Fair & Lovely works like a complete fairness treatment offered by experts. The cream is based on true scientific findings and understanding of the problems that need to be addressed. Therefore, it offers a solution that is scientifically created to address skin problems. The fairness product targets problems like an expert do with actions on suntan, marks, dark circles, pigmentation and dullness.

For better results, it is recommended to use the cream twice a day, after cleaning the face. Best results can be obtained by first cleaning the face with Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Face Wash and then applying Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin cream.

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