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AXE Deodorant

Don’t men just love this one brand? Clearly a go-to brand for almost every guy who wants to have the perfect smell, Axe has fittingly become one of the world’s most popular male grooming brands. It is often said to be every guy’s best move. Right from irresistible deodorants to shaving solutions, Axe Deo is every man’s God and every woman’s heaven. Super cool, adventurous and never dull, Axe Products are designed to keep guys a step ahead in the game of dating and charming. Axe’s parent company Unilever’s research and development teams often work with a select panel of what they call ‘expert noses’ to create various Axe products, and they often come up with fragrances that help men of all ages smell and feel at their best. So much so is their dedication that these products are even tested on volunteering women, to get their reactions.

Almost every year, this giant Axe launches a new deodorant with a fragrance combining seductive scents with the latest of technology. From the irresistible chocolate-inspired Dark Temptation fragrance to the stimulating Axe Rise range, its catalogue is star-studded with bestsellers winners. Also known as Lynx in the UK, Ireland and Australia, Axe include shower gels and shampoos with the same seductive scents, making it an automatic choice for men again.

While Axe may claim at getting men millions of fans, it has its own share of fame. With its inception, Axe has been helping guys get the girl since the brand was first launched in France in 1983. Today, Men in more than 90 countries, from the Americas to Asia, desperately reach for Axe every day. Axe also has a high profile on social media, through its The Axe Effect campaign. Join the Axe Effect today with your own Axe product. Let your body breathe through the oxygen of Axe!

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